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Let us tell you about this blockbuster tune...

Welcome to the spotlight, 0siris – the rising band from Dundalk, County Louth, that’s been making waves since their formation in March of last year! This dynamic five-piece group, consisting of Jack Conway (Singer), Dylan “Nip” Tuohy (Guitarist), Ciaran Leyden (Guitarist), Kyle “Cabbage” Duncan (Bassist) and Jamie Myers (Drummer), has already represented Louth in the IYMAS competition and released their debut EP ‘Street Noise’. Inspired by the likes of Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana, 0siris’ unique sound blends blues-infused rock with heavier grunge elements, as exemplified by their hit track ‘Lucy’ – a local radio station and ‘2 Johnnies Xtra Podcast’ favorite. Catch this promising band live as they continue to take the Irish music scene by storm!

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The song ‘Lucy’ stemmed from a melody that was initially meant to be a slow song that both Jack and Dylan had messed around with for a while and had hit a wall thinking about what to do with it, saying “It just doesn’t sound right.” At the beginning of the band when Kyle first joined he was only picking up the bass. It wasn’t until we got around to writing a bass line that we realized it felt so right being at a much faster tempo, and from then on we messed around with the guitar parts, making more than we initially planned, we created a much more fun and lively sound for the song and that opened up a lot more room to experiment with both other instruments and lyrics and after we finally found the direction we wanted this song to go the rest just came to our heads and made sense, writing Lucy was a lot of fun. We still get laughter watching the old rehearsal videos of us trying to perfect it and after seeing how people have taken to ‘Lucy’ as well as the following tracks on the EP, we can’t wait to release more.

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