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Mixtape 05

Presenting Mixtape 05: A Sonic Odyssey with Aran Sheehy, Dylan Kearns, Jamie Orr, Petrichor, and Awkward Z. Get ready to embark on an enchanting auditory journey with Mixtape 05 by Voidmagazine. We’ve meticulously crafted this collection of tracks, featuring the exceptional talents of Aran Sheehy, Dylan Kearns, Jamie Orr, Petrichor, and Awkward Z. This collaborative masterpiece weaves together their unique musical expressions, promising an immersive experience that will captivate your senses.

Dykhtau by Aran Sheehy

The CyberPunk soundtrack you’ve been looking for.

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Just Another Minute by Dylan Kearns.

A Dreamy Synth Pop track with an addictive hook.

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Another Time in Another Place by Jaime Orr. 

A narrative track to mend a broken heart.

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Pious by Petrichor.

A mysterious storytelling track with an edge of angst.

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Shrine by Awkward Z.

Seamless flow through a fascinating beat.

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