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San Rocking Rocco and their latest vibes

San Rocco, a Dublin-based band, really brings out their musical chops in their tunes “Enola” and “Bind My Hands.” “Enola” just popped into existence, blending that ’90s guitar rock vibe with super catchy hooks and some seriously vibrant vocals. It’s all about grappling with the routine of life and the weight of knowing it won’t last forever. And guess what? It became a total hit with the crowd and set the stage for their upcoming EP. On the flip side, “Bind My Hands” dives into those moments of romantic unease, wrapped up in brooding melodies and heartfelt lyrics. They cooked this one up starting with some cool baritone guitar chords, then added layers of piano and synth to really stir those emotions. When they hit the studio at Black Mountain, that song took on a whole new life, packing this intense yet real emotional punch. Both tracks show off San Rocco’s range and promise some seriously exciting tunes down the road!

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Right from the start, Enola was a song that seemed to effortlessly come to life. The transition from a bass riff to a complete song happened within a matter of hours. It was a moment where the song writing felt like we were bouncing off each other with little self awareness or intent.

Listening back to the earliest incarnations, it’s clear that we intuitively shared a common vision for the direction of the song right from the beginning. You can hear the influence of 90s based guitar rock with its fast paced bass riffs and pulsating drums but underneath that lies catchy guitar and synth hooks.

Vocally, it deserved nothing less than frenetic energy. This naturally led to a spirited and somewhat shouty delivery, as I (Jim) found myself venting about the mundane aspects of daily life. This avenue led to a paradox: the dread we feel in facing the day ahead of us versus the dread we feel when considering that those days will eventually come to an end.

We have now began to open shows with the track and it has become a crowd favourite. Looking back, it was the point that our upcoming debut EP ‘People Verses’ was born.

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