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Peer Pressure is one thing… what about Pleasure?

Peer Pleasure, a vibrant musical ensemble formed in 2021, is a product of chance encounters among its members on polyamorous dating sites. Originating from Ireland’s Wexford, Wicklow, and Dublin, they shared a passion for art and music. In response to the pandemic-induced lockdowns, they decided to create a band and began crafting songs by collaborating online. Their latest single, ‘Take It,’ is a genre-blurring adventure, fusing psych rock, blues, and an enticing, edgy atmosphere. This track reflects their dynamic and unpredictable style, showcasing the beauty of their most recent work. Peer Pleasure promises a unique and captivating musical experience.

The words of Brandon Murphy of Peer Pleasure for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

Take It is a journey of self-discovery coming to terms with the less stunning and brave parts of the human psyche and facing down the barrel of your own uniqueness, originality, ability or lack thereof and the perpetual feeling of being outside a seemingly impenetrable group. The track is a documentation of every insufferable, pretentious or arrogant character you’ve ever met or caught yourself being, it’s about accepting the negative aspects of your own person and identifying them in others, we’ve all asked ourselves are we the bad people at least once and if you haven’t you should.

The song was written while I was in my room watching Goodfellas and smoking 40 Benson hedges, then I showed it to the band and it just worked. When I write music comes first almost always for me because if I try to write lyrics first I’ll write a melody for it in my head I won’t be able to figure out later.

We recorded the song in hellfire studios with Joe McGrath and Ivan Jackman. Everything was done live bar the vocals essentially, no click or anything just a raw live portrayal of the piece, we’ll probably record it again someday because it’s already changed live, Take it (Again)?

We reached out to the band to dive into their craft and go behind the music. You can check that out below!

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