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Welcome to Void Magazine. We're a publication and editorial focusing on creativity and freedom of expression.

Impact of creativity on society

Void highlights the impact of creativity on society. They recognize that creativity is not just about making something beautiful, but also about using one’s imagination to solve problems, create new ideas, and ultimately, bring about positive change in the world. By showcasing the work of artists and designers who are making a difference through their creative work, Void inspires others to embrace their own creativity and think outside the box.

Encourages creative thinking and perspective

Void encourages collaboration and cross-disciplinary thinking. They believe that creativity can be enhanced when people from different backgrounds and fields come together to share their ideas and perspectives. By featuring artists and designers from various industries and countries, Void creates a platform for these collaborations to happen and for creative minds to connect.

The Importance of Creativity

Void stresses the importance of nurturing creativity in individuals. They recognize that creativity is not just a talent that some people are born with, but rather a skill that can be developed and cultivated over time. Through their articles and interviews, Void provides insights into the creative process, and offers practical advice and tips to help individuals unleash their own creativity.

Impact of creativity on society

In summary: at Void, we stress the importance of creativity by showcasing its impact on society, encouraging collaboration and cross-disciplinary thinking, and promoting the development of creativity in individuals. By doing so, they aim to inspire and empower the next generation of creative thinkers and innovators.

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We have many creative spaces available to be filled by the public, in order to educate our readers and potential Void featured creatives, we have built an intuitive system that you can discover what space best suits your craft!

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Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a talented designer, an artist looking to showcase your work, or a business aiming to make a lasting impression, our platform offers a wealth of opportunities for you. Voidmagazines is more than just a publication – it’s a creative hub that celebrates the diverse talents and visions of individuals from all walks of life. With a focus on fostering innovation, originality, and meaningful connections, we invite you to embark on a journey of collaboration and self-expression.

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Behind Void

If we strip back all the fancy graphics, magazines and website, Void is only alive thanks to the creativity found throughout the colourful world we all share.


Void highlighted my work and brought another level of understanding out of myself through the thoughtful questions posed. Void made the effort to let my poem resonate with themselves and the collaboration post itself was a reflection of this - tasteful, poignant and fully capturing the theme of my writing.

Michael CullenPoet, Musician

It was a great opportunity for me as I had never really had a platform to talk about my work like that before. It's a really amazing thing The Void does, giving artists a the space and voice to talk about their work and the communities they're part of.

Ferdia McMorrow (Flag.Acid)Artist

Void has been an open space where I feel as an artist I can express my creative ideas and reach a new audience. Their interview section is something I feel is new in terms of music and creative media in Ireland, a space that’s provided to artists to showcase their work, something I feel hasn’t ever really been there or been as accessible.

James ShannonMusician

Void is fantastic and Rob is a great guy to deal with. We’ve had a few features which gave us the opportunity to convert readers to listeners. His interviewing style is superb - really relevant, thought-out questions that gave us the freedom to express ourselves. The times we’ve worked together so far have been stand-out positive press experiences for all of us.

UnstuckBand, Musician

Void Magazine has been the missing piece in the Irish Music Industry. They offer up a platform to up and coming/independent Irish musicians and gives them the opportunity to talk freely about their creative process.

Rosie SpiroTrinkets Band, Musician
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Looking for something to read? Why not check out our 60 page Pilot Issue magazine for Void? Featuring 71 total artists across music, art, and fashion genres: There is something in there for everyone!

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Featuring 71 artists across 60 uninterrupted, advert free pages. The Pilot Issue is ready to #FillYourVoid