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Welcome to Void Magazine. We're a magazine/editorial all about creativity and freedom of expression.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves.


At Void we identify as a magazine and editorial covering the Irish arts scene. Our goal is to provide coverage of creative people and their passion from all artistic backgrounds. Void aims to provide an opportunity and audience to our creative collaborators. We bring accessibility of the coverage of creative media to the creative public and for all those who are influenced to take part.

We’ve got some goals we’re gonna accomplish.


Whilst we have many short-term goals our long-term ambition is to transform the Irish arts industry into a collaborative project of continuous support for artists and creatives alike. By influencing individuals to make music for the sake of music, make art for the sake of art and to get creative for the sake of creativity we believe the country will adopt a more positive and cultural mindset.

Frequently asked questions

How long until I hear back from you?

Roughly 1-2 business days, we’re kept on our toes by the creativity being unveiled in our inboxes. But stay tuned for our response in due time!

How do I get featured?

The easiest way to get featured with us is by sending us an email. Reaching out to us on our social medias also helps!

Why should I try to get featured?

There are many benefits of becoming a featured creator in Void Magazine.

The major selling point is that your work will be seen by thousands of people who click onto our website each day!

Not only will your creativity be seen on our website, but you will also find yourself inside the latest Void Magazine print release (Date TBC)

I don't have a major following, is this a problem?

Absolutely not, as long as you’ve got that passion for creativity and you’re willing to share the background about doing what you love to do, get in touch!

How can I buy your magazine?

Easy tiger! We’re still in our early stages of development and constantly working towards our first print release, we’re so excited to get this underway and when we do, you can order it directly from our online shop right here on our website!