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Extra-terrestrial Cave Dwellers…

Meet Aliensincaves, a dynamic four-piece ensemble hailing from Waterford, Ireland, whose journey began as a solo project and has now blossomed into a full-band experience. Bursting back onto the scene, the band expresses sheer delight in their collective recording venture, relishing the camaraderie and creative synergy that emerges when friends come together in the studio. Comprising Ozzie on vocals, Dan on guitar, Ryan on bass, and David on drums, this quartet marks a thrilling new chapter in their musical expedition

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The song originated from a houseparty I (Ozzie) went to when I was seventeen, filled with drugs, alcohol, loud music and kissing in the bathroom.

Looking back on it, it was awful, and in no way enjoyable, but at the time it felt like the best day of my life. Mad, right? The song came to me as a poem first about that night, but it amalgamated in an ‘ironic’ song, of me making fun of who I was at the time.

But the lads really loved it when I played it on guitar, and it morphed into what we have now!

The main thing we felt was relief (upon the completion of the track). it can be a tough job trying to get the exact sound we wanted, so late night studio sessions were the norm. didn’t help that we’re all students so we were balancing quite a lot ourselves. but once we got the mastered track back, we were (luckily) all in the same room together; and we just hugged. at the end of the day, we’re just four guys who love to make music together, and that’s all that matters!

The release overall has been incredible, even hearing people say its their favourite song is a complete out of body experience. we’re currently back in the studio as of now. we took a break over Christmas to recalibrate in a way but we’re back on track! the plan for this year is to hopefully get a collection of songs out, since we have a whole back catalogue of riffs and melodies that are just waiting to be used. but our main goal for this year is to just have fun, as cringe as that sounds. we’re going to treat this year like some-sort of 2000s coming of age movie, like a roadtrip of some sort. we just want to have fun doing what we love.

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