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All the Same – A Lethal Black Ooze

Groovy Garage Punk…

Garage punk … More like groovy punk with that addictive bass line throughout. What Lethal Black Ooze have squeezed into this 2:44 track is beyond expressive. Redefining the idea of Garage punk is a broad statement, but this track is nothing short of incredible. It’s a vibe, a track you can swing with and a track to mosh with.

The infusion of groovy elements into the traditional raw energy of punk music is what sets Lethal Black Ooze’s track apart. The relentless bassline pulses like a heartbeat, driving the song forward and demanding the listeners’ attention. It’s a rare feat to maintain such a catchy rhythm while preserving the gritty essence that defines punk. The band’s ability to seamlessly merge these seemingly disparate styles showcases their musical prowess and innovation.

Whether you’re swaying to the rhythm or letting loose in a mosh pit, this track caters to all. The dynamic nature of the music allows for multiple interpretations, inviting listeners to engage with it on a personal level. Lethal Black Ooze has harnessed the raw energy of punk and channeled it into a composition that’s both exhilarating and strangely familiar.

On the lyrics of All The Same, vocalist Andy McGurk (he/him) recalls:

“All The Same wasn’t the first Black Ooze idea we ever jammed, but it was the first finished song that stuck. An idea which gave us a glimpse into what A Lethal Black Ooze would sound like. It’s about dealing with big life changes, deciding to take everything off the table all at once and the fall out that comes with doing such a thing.

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