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Amy ‘Amour’ Ellen is back once again with another dreamy ballad!

In our conversation with Amy Ellen, her musical journey continues to unfold with the release of yet another gem. This time, she graces us with a powerful and dreamy ballad with that’s become her hallmark. With a mastery of lyrical storytelling and a penchant for crafting beautiful arrangements, Amy’s artistry shines once again.

In a world that’s often loud and chaotic, Amy’s music stands as a sanctuary, a place of solace and reflection. Her songs have an innate ability to cut through the noise, gently guiding us into the heart of her stories. So, join us in this interview as we uncover the soul of her newest creation, embracing the tender melodies and evocative verses that characterize Amy Ellen’s entrancing style.

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The song was written just before summer. We went through a big writing phase when I first moved to France. The home studio that Axel (the other half of this project) had spent months building with his family was starting to take shape and before we knew it we had this incredible space to write and record on our own time.

It was a first for us to have a song written, recorded and mixed in such a short space of time! It felt great being self sufficent and we didn’t allow ourselves to overthink the process. The track was mixed by Zak Higgins, who has worked with some artists that we really admire. Having him on board was a blast, Zak really understood the direction we were going in.

The lyrics and melody in the chorus were originally part of a song that I had started to write a few years ago, but something didn’t feel right with it then. The line “ Is this as far as you and me go, here in your car I’ll never leave” was in the back of my head for along time. Eventually It found its place in ‘Leave Me’, sitting perfectly into the arrangement. From that point onwards the song made sense to me.

The song is like having a conversation with yourself, as if you were facing your insecurities by saying them out loud.

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