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Welcome to the Void, Amy Kelly!

Amy Kelly, the Irish-Thai photographer and fashion designer, emerges as a true iconoclast in the realm of fashion. With her avant-garde style and a fervent dedication to thrift store anti-fast fashion ethics, she defies the norms and redefines what it means to be fashionable. Amy’s ensembles are an eclectic fusion of vibrant patterns, mismatched textures, and whimsical accessories, creating a visual symphony of the absurd. Her fearless exploration of fashion as an art form challenges societal conventions, inspiring us to embrace individuality and celebrate the beauty found in the unlikeliest of combinations. In the world of Amy Kelly, absurdity becomes a beacon of creativity, and her designs ignite a rebellion against the conformity of mainstream fashion.

From my time throughout my teens I spent many days drawing and doodling fashion ideas on scraps of paper that I wish I kept. They’d make for a nice memoir of my youth. I always had an interest in clothing especially since my family and I returned to Tokyo when I was 19. Simply grabbing a coffee can be an opportunity to wear your best outfit and show that creative side we all have.

I do shop in normal outlets and even sometimes I go online, but there is nothing that feels better than finding that unique thrifted tee or jacket that you simply couldn’t find anywhere else. Not to mention it’s also better for the environment 🙂 Saavee the polar bears 🙂 I studied accountancy in university so fashion has really been my way of exploring my creative side, I like to step outside my comfort zone with things like that. You don’t do much of that when you’re trying to balance numbers…

I was super surprised to be approached by Void for doing a small interview like this but I actually really appreciate the opportunity, it’s always nice to share something your passionate about and even though fashion isn’t something I’ll ever earn money from, it’s nice to have a hobby like this, I just enjoy it. It’s a good way to balance my balance sheets and hobbies!

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