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Melodic Fusion: Martina and the Moons’ Musical Odyssey

Martina and the Moons, a formidable all-female quartet from Dublin, exudes a musical prowess that transcends eras and genres. Led by Martina Moon’s captivating vocals and songwriting prowess, accompanied by Sarah Morgan on guitar, Aisling Stephens McGowan on bass, and Zahira Ellis on drums, this dynamic band encapsulates influences from 60s and 70s singer-songwriters like Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell while infusing their sound with elements of 90s rock, Brit-Pop, and punk. Their magnetic performances have graced prominent Dublin venues such as the Workmans Club, Whelans, Opium, the Grand Social, and the Sound House, establishing Martina and the Moons as a captivating musical force fusing nostalgia with a contemporary edge in Dublin’s vibrant music scene.

We’ve been in touch with the band to figure our where the inspiration and influence came from in their latest release “Emigrate”, you can hear directly from the artist below!

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“I would love to say I can remember how I wrote the song, but the only thing I remember is sitting down with my guitar and then getting back up again with a full song written. But that seems to happen to some songwriters, we tend to forget what the process was like.

At the time, I was living in Spain, and I was experiencing my first crush on another girl, so I was trying to understand all the confusing feelings that come with that. And, in addition to all those feelings, there was the fact that the girl did not like me back. What I wanted to convey in the song was, mainly, that sense of yearning and holding on to something you never really had, that you could barely touch with your fingertips. I just wanted to scream, and tell her how I felt about her, but that was not something I could do.

I was also listening to the band Catatonia a lot back then, and I wanted to make a song with the same kind of chords and instrumentation that they used. I only had an acoustic guitar at the time, though, so it only came into its intended form when I moved to Dublin and started the band. Then, when we finally got the chance to record it, we wanted it to sound like it was made in the 90s, with crunchy guitars and a colossal bridge. But it is also quite poppy, which we also really like.”

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