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In the realm of harmonies and heartfelt tales

Aoife emerges as a storyteller weaving their debut track, “Shelter,” a poignant melody that speaks of a love’s enduring flame. Crafted within the intimate confines of indie expression, this song transcends mere composition, painting a heartfelt narrative that resonates with the timeless ache of longing. With the helping hand of seasoned songwriter and producer Alex Tierney (who we previously featured in Void), Aoife’s musical journey takes flight, intertwining seamlessly with the evocative visuals of Sarah Creighton Keogh’s ‘Daughters,’ a soulful short film set against the windswept canvas of Bull-Island, Clontarf.

“Shelter” isn’t just a song; it’s a lyrical tale that delves into the intricate dynamics of kinship. Within its gentle melody and heartfelt verses, Aoife captures the quiet yearning for support—from the tender child seeking solace to the nurturing adult offering reassurance. It’s a tender portrayal of the ebb and flow of parental guidance and the reciprocal embrace of familial bonds, resonating with soul-stirring simplicity.

For Aoife, music was a childhood fascination, transcending the mere strumming of strings to become a vessel for heartfelt expression. Yet, sharing these intimate compositions remained a hesitant endeavour, cocooned in self-doubt and a lingering concern about perceptions. Amidst solitude, collaboration became the catalyst that reignited Aoife’s musical passion. Bonds forged with friends like Mark Lombard (Morkhaus) and John Mullarkey rekindled the dormant spark, breathing renewed life into Aoife’s musical soul. Music, for Aoife, isn’t just about notes and lyrics; it’s a conduit for unspoken emotions, a safe haven where vulnerability finds solace. It’s an ongoing journey toward self-assurance—a space where their innermost thoughts find a voice.

As Aoife prepares for a performance in Dublin, their musical journey echoes—a testament to resilience, creativity, and the enduring power of music to untangle the threads of human experiences in heartfelt tunes and resonant verses.

We reached out to Aoife to go behind the music and discover where her inspiration and influence originated from. You can hear directly from Aoife below.

The words of Aoife for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

In my immediate family, no one played music. So, the Nickelodeon show called The Naked Brother’s Band was the primary influence behind my desire to learn to play the guitar. But even at 6 years old I found myself more interested in writing music than learning any actual instrument.

I’ve always held my music very close to my chest and, in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t. Whenever I showed people what I was making, or how I could write and sing, their reactions were always veiled with subtle surprise as I was such a quiet child. I was always so worried about what everyone else thought of me then and I still am.

At 17, I was writing and producing full albums alone in my room after school and refusing to share them publicly for fear that it wasn’t good enough. With no one listening, by 20 I had burnt out and stopped writing on my own almost completely. At least until I met my friends Mark Lombard (Morkhaus) and John Mullarkey who completely reignited my love for music through collaboration and live performance and got me back out of my shell.

Music, for me, has always been a means to express feelings I couldn’t say out loud. Now, as I grow as a person and slowly build that confidence in my work, it’s about exercising vulnerability and letting myself be seen.

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