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We’re going behind the mind of flag.acid!

Allow me to dive into the rebellious work of Ferdia McMorrow, or who his followers know him as “flag.acid”. I was scrolling my Instagram timeline like a regular Wednesday night and couldn’t help but pause as a vibrant flag.acid original popped up on my phone.

Suddenly my eyes widened and focused. Before I knew it the vibrant cartoon image transformed into a repulsive and comedic expression. Before you ask, no … This isn’t the first time I came across animation … but Ferdia’s style and expressions are truly unique and open to the imagination.

Ferdia’s work opposes the stylitisc choices of normal animation found throughout different media. Embracing the old school frame by frame drawing and applying the same attention to detail through each frame to create a truly unique finalised work. And in flag.acid’s case the finalised work is a truly shocking and striking image bursting at the seems with character under the strict capabilities of the device Ferdia uses to bring his imagination to life with.

I won’t go on and on, instead we can hear from the man himself. I reached out to Ferdia McMorrow to talk about his art, inspiration and his influences. You can check that out below and go through his building portfolio!

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