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Your Void has been Filled!
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The Charts

Slaggin of your Heavy Metal Punk Band with The Amniotics

November 27, 2023
I had the title floating about in my head for a while, and then on a night out a man asked my friend for a…
The Charts

James Shannon on “Where The Lights Are Bright”

November 17, 2023
Lyrically, I wanted to summarize the general feeling of feeling lost as a young person in the modern world.
The Charts

Anike Akano on her debut track “Passing By”

November 15, 2023
All I knew to do in moments of desperation was to pour my heart out on a page. Two years later at the age of…
The Charts

Dream Wav On His Big Bassy Cowbell Phonk Track

November 13, 2023
I have always wanted to make a big bassy cowbell phonk song, ever since I started making music. Every Halloween I make something new that…

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