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Trinkets are back with more treasures!

In an exclusive interview with Void Magazine, the band “Trinkets” unveils the vibrant and thought-provoking dynamics of their dual release, “Playing it Shy” and “Juniper.” “Playing it Shy” is a pop anthem with infectious melodies and cheeky guitar solos, offering an escape from the relentless stream of negative news, while “Juniper” is a storytelling masterpiece with political undertones, delving into the lasting impact of the catholic church on Irish society and serving as a beacon for embracing individuality. As “Trinkets” express their mission to make you dance, sing, and reflect on the intricacies of human existence, this interview takes you on a journey through the captivating world of their music, offering a unique perspective on the human experience. Don’t miss this exclusive insight into the heart and soul of Trinkets.

We reached out to the band to dive into their tracks and go behind the music. You can check that out below!

The words of Trinkets for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

Deciding to do a double release was something I knew we needed to do as soon as our Guitar player Ben suggested it. Playing it shy is more akin to a pop anthem, with upbeat melodies and cheeky guitar solos whereas Juniper is a slow burner that takes the listener on a journey but both songs, when listened to together, compliment each other in a really satisfying way.

Playing it shy gives you the chance to move and dance and blow off steam whereas Juniper creates space for reflection.

Lyrically both songs are intertwined in subtle ways. I don’t like to delve too deep into the meanings of songs as it can take away the experience for the listener but both songs undeniably have political undertones and references to the catholic church.

Playing it Shy is an ode to how our generation deals with the downpour of negative news we see and hear everyday. The lyrics paint the picture of how it affects us, how it brings us down, whereas the contrasting upbeat music depicts how we tend to just brush it off and make light of the situation in order to keep moving forward. I think sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes you need to close your eyes to all the shit that’s happening around you, and just have a good dance. That’s what playing it shy does, it makes you want to dance.

Juniper is a story. It has a beginning, middle and end and that is something we as a band really wanted to hone in on, the music and the lyrics both reflect this. Juniper is a nod to how the omnipresence of the catholic church has shaped Irish society.
While the catholic church is less present today, i think a lot of people still experience a lingering “catholic guilt.” Thinking outside the box, going against the grain and being true to yourself , is something that was discouraged in Ireland for so long, that I think we are only now starting to truly flourish as a society and while its really exciting i think a lot of us still have moments where we find ourselves afraid of the opinions of others. I know it sounds cliche and cheesy but Juniper is a calling card, to let people know that it’s okay, that you can step out of the shadows and be greeted with light.

In trinkets we love all things weird and wonderful. We want to make you dance and sing and cry, and really highlight what it is to be human, and I think both of these songs do that really well.

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