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A Bouquet Of Lyricism.

Ylroy, the Irish-Filipino singer-songwriter who has been crafting their unique sound since the age of 15. Ylroy, who prefers they/them pronouns, hails from the vibrant music scene of Ireland and explores the intricate tapestry of life experiences and human relationships within the borders of folk and anti-folk genres.

Influenced by the likes of Moldy Peaches and Judee Sill, Ylroy’s music is a captivating fusion of introspective lyrics and stripped-back acoustic arrangements. Their delicate guitar work, combined with beautiful, soft vocals, conjures an ethereal atmosphere that beckons listeners into their enchanting world.

You can check out Ylroy’s exclusive Void interview below!

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All of the tracks from the EP were written within the span of two seasons, namely, winter and spring. In terms of lyrical theme and content, the song were written as a form of output that documented my experiences and emotions while being in a relationship with the person I was seeing, like some form of a diary. The songs include very specific moments of us within this period including conversations and specific settings including weather and time that can be heard in the EP.

With regards to the process of writing the melody, most of my songs start off with a sentence or a story of what I was currently experiencing or feeling and from then the songs just kinds of writes itself (i’m so sorry for this statement but it’s true! 🙁 ) i.e. the lyrics and melody are both written simultaneously with the help of the guitar.

I usually write all my songs by myself with just a badly played guitar and me singing. However, I felt that the songs needed some arrangement so when we were rehearsing for the recording of the demo, the band which consisted of my friends from TU Dublin Conservatoire just added some ideas that embodied the essence of the songs. Jamie Gogan, the guitarist particularly helped me with some of the arrangement!

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