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Blue Skies – ILA

ILA’s latest indie pop hit

We’ve found your next track that’ll be stuck on a loop over and over again. ILA’s “Blue Skies” will have you mesmerized and entertained for hours upon hours. This track has that feel-good indie-pop vibe just in time for the summer ahead. Great timing on this release! I can picture a few cold pints in the warm weather under some “Blue Skies” this month for sure. 

Speaking on that indie pop vibe, ILA’s vocal work matches the melody flawlessly as the verse and chorus dance and bounce from one another with a groovy guitar solo found in the final third of this track which is an extra could in this blue sky to appreciate. Isobel’s captivating voice resonates throughout each verse’s melodic peak with the help of the lyrics and arrangement of this song. 

In her own words, Isobel describes Blue Skies as “ a young love, opposites attract, night-time, drive time, dream-like nostalgia trip.” and in a way I can see what she’s getting at, from the penned lyrics we’re taken on a positive vibe journey throughout the artists life. 

To wrap this review up I can confidently utter under these “Blue Skies” that ILA’s latest track is one to be grooving to for a long time!  

Goosebump Metre
Blue Skies – ILA

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Review written by Robert Byrne @robvoidrob

Robert Byrne

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