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Two Vibe Visionaries

We are thrilled to get speaking with two artists paving their way and making their own mark in the music industry! Noremac and James Shannon. With their latest track “Know Me” has captivated audiences with their unique sound and imaginative lyrics. In addition to their musical prowess, Noremac and James have launched a groundbreaking movement called the Candle Light Collective, aiming to spread love, unity, and positivity through music and community engagement.

Join us as we delve deep into their artistic journey, the inspiration behind their new track, and the transformative power of the Candle Light Collective.

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An ode to friends, family, and the real people in our lives who make the pursuit in everyday life that bit more worth it. Know Me is our third single together as Noremac & James Shannon, and by far our most personal track that we’re collaboratively releasing. We really wanted to delve deeper than we had on ‘What You Doin’? And ‘The Weekend’ in terms of lyricism and overall production. Although a milestone for us as a group, it’s only a sample of the direction we’re aiming to go in the near future.

The original idea and lyrics for the track was proposed by Noremac when we were working together in a pub in town after clean up one of the days. We hadn’t even released ‘What You Doin’? At that stage. We both felt that there was definitely something there, but were very caught up in other areas at the time, between gigs and finishing other music we had in the works. It wasn’t until after our charity show for ‘Breast Cancer Ireland’, our biggest show to date, that we decided it was time to step in and put work into the track. First came the beat, chosen by Noremac, then the chorus. We recorded a rough demo in early November and after I had my part written and we had rehearsed it together, we started scheduling studio sessions in VisionLab with Mickzart from D12 inc where the track began to really come together with his help and our collective vision.

We originally began recording our separate parts, but one studio session became two, and soon and so on. We really wanted to perfect every detail until we were satisfied that it was perfect to us. While we were recording the numerous vocal tracks we added some guitars and bass parts that complimented the beat perfectly and really breathed a new life into the track. It was these moments of things just coming together perfectly that made the process so enjoyable.

Of course, the song is about knowing and having faith in yourself, as an artist and as a person, and not taking in the negativity that can be thrown by people outside your circle of people who genuinely know and believe in you. Lyrically we both wanted to touch on this narrative in our own ways. We also wanted to touch on and drive home the fact that in life it can sometimes be daunting to pursue passions that don’t fit the ‘social norm’, and sometimes you can feel lost and out of place in what it is you are pursuing in life in general, we wanted to emphasize that the reason people should pursue anything in life is for their own peace of mind and genuine love for creating, and to trust in the support of the realest people around them.

We’re buzzing for this song to finally be released. We’ve played it live at our last few gigs and it’s always gone down so well. The reaction we’ve gotten from our mates who’ve heard the track has also been a huge drive for us in getting ready to put it out. We can’t wait for it to be in the world at last. This is only the beginning.

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