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Some Vivid Visions with Walshy

We’re catching up with one of Ireland’s most exciting, exhilarating artists – Walshy. Walshy’s doing this his own way, connecting genres in an unexplored way. Marrying nostalgia and bedroom aesthtetics into an indie and dream popping, hip-hopping no stopping vibe. Continuously showcasing his own distinct and colourful style through expressive lyrics, visionary aesthetics and vivid nostalgic story-telling.

We had to get speaking to Walshy to go behind the artist and discover where his authentic style originates from, you can check out what Walshy has had to say in the Void below!

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“mm mm good (in the cellar)” is about the love for things that seem good in the moment but could end up being bad for you in the long run. The song serves as a self-reminder that the more you deviate from your core values, the harder it is to get back to them.

I made the instrumental first ages ago. At one stage it almost felt like this beat was cursed as there were three other artists who attempted to write to it before Curtisy. I met up with Curtisy to record with him for the first time in the VIP room of the Workman’s Cellar. I’m glad we recorded there as it was surprisingly a quiet space and it was relaxed enough for us to give the track the playful energy it needed. Curtisy is a treat to record with.

After the session I went back to the beat and added in cartoony type of sound effects to row in with Curtisy’s verses. I love adding small easter eggs in music that reminisces on my childhood. I try to tap into the kid version of ourselves as much as possible. I think that’s the purest form of our characters – life without burdens/worries, when everything’s a joke and you still have your innocence.

This is the last single I’m releasing before my first album which comes out at the end of August. The launch party is August 25th in the Workman’s Cellar. It will mark the first time I perform any of the hip-hop/ dream-pop/ jazz-infused singles live in front of a crowd. I’m delighted to have acts I’ve collaborated with in presence such as “The Trek to Swords” collaborator, domtavlor, flying over from Leicester along with lowkick and Curtisy. The stage will be lit up with an explosive mix of musical styles and audio-visual lights.

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Catching up with Walshy – A Vivid Visionary.

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“mm mm good (in the cellar)” is about the love for things that seem good in the moment but could end up being bad for…

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