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We had a moment to catch up with Isaac Butler to chat about where his whole journey began! From listening to Isaac’s music a few months back, I became an instant fan. I always find myself paying close attention the the phrasing in which an artist explores. For example, I adore that lustful twang that Jagger perfected over the years! Isaac, has a particular phrasing of his own, which captivates the listener with its unique blend of vulnerability and raw emotion. It’s as if every note he plays carries a piece of his soul, creating an intimate connection between the music and the audience.

Listening to Isaac’s music, it becomes evident that his journey is a continuous exploration of self-expression and the power of phrasing. With each new melody, he invites us to join him on this enchanting voyage, where the beauty lies not only in the notes themselves but in the way they are delicately strung together. As his musical journey unfolds, it is clear that Isaac Butler’s particular phrasing will continue to captivate and inspire audiences for years to come

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I remember vividly how my Grandad used to blast his records at 11pm when I’d be staying over in thveir house, Miles Davis was playing in the boxroom! Great memories…
I am wondering what would your earliest musical memory be?

Picture this: I was a chubby 10-year-old with a bowl haircut, thinking I was VERY cool in my leather jacket. My Mum took me to my first gig at the Point Theatre (now the 3 Arena) to see the band Busted. The lads were fashionably late, like an hour and a half late and I was so excited that I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime but the wait was all too much. In the middle of all the anticipation and before the show had even started , I ended up dozing off. Think in the end I got like two or three songs… so although it has very little to do with music, that’s my earliest music memory.

As a creative person myself, I tend to get waves of inspiration from time to time, that the only cure for that creative itch would be to put everything down on a page usually in one big scribble. What is your musical process like? Do you strum some chords and the lyrics come or are your the opposite way inclined?

For me I get waves of writing a lot and then periods of none at all. I’ve slowly learned to lean into that to be honest. I used to try and force myself to write a few songs everyday but that just resulted in some frustration and a lot of terrible songs, now I take the waves of creativity as they come and try and squeeze as much out them as I can. I usually start with a word or a lyric and try build the rest of the songs around that.

Everyone remembers their favourite concert, mine would have to be seeing the Stones in Croke Park in 2016! Or the time I caught an Elvis tribute… What is like being up there, have you a favourite gig you can recall?

Being up there for me is the whole reason I do it. Yes I love the creative process but my number one ‘goal’ or whatever is to play the shows. I want to play big shows to get more of that feeling, I know its cliché and everyone says it but as someone who writes and sings songs having a room full of people singing the words back to you is a feeling that I don’t think you can get anywhere else , for me, it was 100% unmatched.

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