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Couch Song – Touch Excellent

A pleasant change of pace for punk. 

‘Couch Song’ picks up from where Touch Excellent left off with their previous release ‘Record’ but takes aim in a different direction. With a slight change from their usual chaotic punk sound, Touch Excellent show their range in an anthem aimed directly at the couchies. You know those people who are glued to the couch at parties? Yeah those! Well, if you’re one of those sinners, this one’s for you!

‘Couch Song’ marks a daring departure from Touch Excellent’s signature chaotic punk sound, demonstrating their artistic versatility and their ability to tackle different musical landscapes. While their previous release, ‘Record,’ delved into raw, frenzied energy, ‘Couch Song’ offers a refreshingly unique perspective on a familiar theme – the couch potatoes at parties who “sometimes, you don’t wanna dance”.

In the end, ‘Couch Song’ is a testament to Touch Excellent’s willingness to experiment and explore new musical horizons while keeping their infectious energy intact. It’s a feel-good track that embraces the quirks of party-goers everywhere, reminding us all that sometimes the couch is the best place to be. So whether you’re a “couchie” or just want to appreciate the art of kicking back, ‘Couch Song’ has something for everyone, and it’s bound to become a party playlist favourite.

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