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Curious about Curtisy? We’ve got you covered.

Enter the evocative realm of Curtisy, where music becomes a diary, an unfiltered expression of raw emotions. His latest release, “Tree Sap,” emerged from a sanctuary of creativity—producer hikii’s studio—where Curtisy found solace to unravel his thoughts and feelings. For Curtisy, this track delves into the depths of addiction, love, and deception, serving as a personal diary entry without constraints, capturing his genuine experiences at that moment.

We spoke with Curtisy to unravel the intricate origins of his latest release.

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Inspiration, process and emotions: The beat came first, I showed up to Hikiis studio in April and it was already playing. I IMMEDIATELY took out the notebook and got scribbling, lyrics always come before the melody for me.

It had been an emotional and confusing time for me and I was just getting my mind right, I think the lyrics portray that. ‘I was lost in the forest but I’m back again’ I made good friends with my vices around the time, when I started to feel better I wanted to prove to myself I could still manage some top tier spitting. I really wanted to make a classic hip-hop sounding type track, no better man to have on the production than Hikii, for this. It all made sense and it all came together easily, everything about the track was created in the one day.

Then beautifully mixed and mastered by Kylte

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