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Unleashing Sonic Chaos with a Dublin Twist

Hailing from the vibrant streets of North Dublin City, Denim Teeth emerges as a high-octane post-punk force to be reckoned with. The band draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical titans such as Joy Division, Fidlar, The Smiths, Stone Roses, and DIIV, creating a sonic cocktail that fuses darkness and chaos into a unique auditory experience. Denim Teeth’s sound is a dynamic blend, infusing the melody and melancholy of 80s new wave, the raw attitude of garage punk, and the brooding darkness of goth.

We’ve spoken with the band to discuss their latest release. You can check that out below

The words of Denim Teeth for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

When Hyponodisc was born, it wasn’t even Hypnodisc. It was just a twinkle of midi drums and amp simulators in its father’s eye. That was actually one of the first tracks that the band inherited and played together. Glenn, our bassist (who is the driving force behind most of our song ideas), had the embryo of Hyponodisc for quite some time, but never had the right people to play it with, and so hid it somewhere in Finglas. When the two Dans joined Denim Teeth, it was a bit of an “onboarding” challenge to see if they could cut their teeth on the track.

Conor, our rhythm guitarist, had already figured out how to brush in his own rhythm, with more than a pea-sized amount of his own brand paste. Dan Cullen (lead guitar) was able to find a sweet spot for a descending lead riff (like a pair of Levi’s hitting the floor after a long day), as well as stitching in some diamanté of embellishment to take it firmly out of the demo stages. That really put the pressure on Dan McDonald (drums) to find a fit of his own, channelling influences in midi drums, break beats, and Jay Reatard, to finish stitching together the patchwork of scrubs, swatches, and dental bibs needed to for the sonic pyjamas of this track, and finally put it to bed. But it was there, deep in the land of Nod, that John was able to creep into it’s comfy little dreams and strip the wool off the sheep it had been counting, weaving a tapestry to etch the lyrics and melody upon. Up until this moment, the song had actually been called “Descendo”, an ode to both Dan’s descending riff, and the images of hot Denim hitting cold linoleum after a long day; but only then did we realise it wasn’t good enough.

We had come together, as a team, bringing our own expertise, knowledge, and influences and created something formidable, just like the lads off Robot Wars do when they build a robot. We had built a song that would go on to bait the head off a load of other songs. Just like how the lads had built the robot Hypnodisc, and how he went on to bait the head off other robots. “Perhaps a fitting name”, we thought. The rest is history.

Johno on the lyrics:

I don’t always dive into writing songs with an idea of what it’s about, more so focusing on writing interesting lines and creating an imagery for people to see when listening, it’s the listener’s interpretation that makes the idea of what it could be more interesting. However after writing it down and the words aligning, for me it’s about comparing men to women in the sense of how utterly useless we would be (men) without them and when we don’t have them around all we think about is them hence the kaleidoscope seeing the same image 1000 times. You can definitely edit it down. Essentially it’s about comparisons.

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