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Valerie Rose, a talented 17-year-old alt-pop artist hailing from Dublin, burst onto the Irish music scene with her debut single “My Head” released by Diffusion Lab in late 2022.

In an impressively short span of fewer than 12 months since her debut, Valerie’s music has garnered significant attention, both in Ireland and beyond. “My Head” climbed to a notable position, peaking at #18 on the Irish Homegrown Chart, and received extensive airplay on esteemed radio stations such as TodayFM, 2FM, SPIN, and FM104, among others.

Throughout the past year, Valerie has collaborated closely with Diffusion Lab, an influential record label and management company situated in Dublin’s vibrant music hub, The Playground. This partnership has allowed her to further develop her musical prowess and refine her unique sound.

Having recently completed her Leaving Cert, Valerie has now shifted her focus entirely towards her music career. Currently, she is hard at work in the creative haven of the Diffusion Lab studio, meticulously adding the final touches to her upcoming releases, which are slated to delight fans before the year’s end.

Excitingly, Valerie’s fans will soon have the opportunity to experience her energetic and captivating songs live. On August 19th, she will be gracing the stage at Hootananny Brixton in London, delivering a performance that promises to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, back in her home country of Ireland, Valerie will be the opening act for esteemed UK artist Delilah Bon at The Academy 2 in Dublin on September 23rd.

With her remarkable talent and promising trajectory, Valerie Rose is poised to continue making waves in the music industry, enchanting audiences with her distinct alt-pop sound and establishing herself as an artist to watch in the years to come.

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Speaking about her latest single, Valerie Rose explains “the song is about trying to deal with people that don’t understand your boundaries or just in general are not genuine and act poorly around you. The song is just a means of expressing the build-up of frustration about being around that kind of person.”

During the creative process, Valerie Rose worked alongside songwriter Lauryn Gaffney and producer Chris Bubenzer. Proving that inspiration can strike at any moment, Valerie Rose confessed that this track began on the road. “The start of the song was actually written in the backseat of a car and my voice memos. I had melody and lyrics ideas that I recorded down. I then worked with Lauryn Gaffney and Chris Bubenzer and we finished writing the song all together.”

For Valerie, this track is all about the feeling of freedom and learning to let go.  

“It’s easy to get caught up in what certain people say or do, It’s just about trying to figure out a good way to deal with that. For me, that’s writing a song about the experience and then forgetting about it once my feelings have been let go.”

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