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Your Void has been Filled!
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The Charts

When it’s “Van Gone” it’s gone

February 16, 2024
Healthy High was kind of an earworm that was in our head for the longest time, eventually we decided to develop it into a full…
The Charts

Denim Teeth’s Post-Punk “Hypnodisc”

February 7, 2024
The track was created at the very early stages of the band, as the core music existed when we started with our formative members. With…
The Charts

The WU on their latest release “Melt”

February 5, 2024
"Melt" lyrically depicts the awkward excitement of the early stages of a fling, however the speaker is tainted by previous rejections and failed relationships. There…
The Charts

Idle Discourse on their latest track “Rotten Egg”

February 2, 2024
In the inception of Rotten Egg I was actually trying to write an 'ignorant' party tune. This is the first single from our second project,…

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