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A massive bassy song you won’t want to miss.

Allow us to introduce you to Ben Doyle, known in their creative realm as “Dream Wav.” Ben is the embodiment of an international man of mystery, weaving tales through their nocturnal photography and crafting mesmerizing music in the sanctuary of their bedroom, day and night. With a mere 23 years on this planet, Ben’s life has unfolded as a thrilling adventure, leaving behind a trail of fascinating stories.

Ben spoke to us about his latest release which you can check out below!

The words of Dream Wav for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

I have always wanted to make a big bassy cowbell phonk song, ever since I started making music. Every Halloween I make something new that shows my progression as an artist, a musician and what I am feeling at the moment. This song, I knew I wanted to continue writing about Vampires.

The song is about the thrill of near death and the decision to love your life to the fullest. I’ve crashed two cars in my life and I’ve felt like death since I was born. These days I’m not afraid of anything. The people in my life, my world, are what keep me above the ground and not in it. My life is there’s, till the end. I wrote this song in one day, in my room. I knew what I wanted to say. I knew how I wanted it to sound. I knew it was the next step in my musical evolution.

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