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Okay, let’s cut the b*llshit.

Enter the colourful world of Dublin-born, eclectic Alternative Pop artist Essiray, whose musical tapestries are constructed with a wealth of vocal dexterity, catchy hooks, and rich harmonies. Essiray creates a unique sound that reflects the breadth of her artistic influences by embracing a sonic synthesis that captures the essence of pop, house, neo soul, and drum and bass. Essiray discusses the intricate creative mosaic that shapes her music in an upcoming interview with Void Magazine. She cites artists like Piri, Hope Tala, Biig Piig, and Pink Pantheress as sources of influence. Outside of the music industry, Essiray’s interests include vintage clothing and the freeing practise of ‘dancing… badly’.

Join us as we get in touch with Essiray about her latest track “Bullshit”

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I began crafting this track on New Year’s Day last year, driven by a desire to push the boundaries of my creativity. Being a fan of drum and bass (dnb), I aimed to fuse my dreamy pop sound with a classic dnb drum pattern. The lyrics emerged from a realisation that I had the power to reject unnecessary drama, particularly in the realm of dating. I envisioned an anthem that reflected a shift in my mindset, signalling that I had matured and wouldn’t tolerate people who play games in my life. I shared the track with my friend Rory Sweeney, an exceptional producer and musician from Dublin. His wealth of knowledge in creating dnb and garage sounds added a transformative layer to the entire piece.

The vocals were recorded in my living room, creating a laid-back, bedroom pop vibe which I love having on my tracks. We made a bold decision to strip the track down to just the vocals in the middle, a move I hadn’t explored before. Surprisingly, it brought a unique cohesion to the track. The final hook, “Let’s stay up late, am I rocking your world,” spontaneously came to me during the vocal recording session, and it just clicked, adding an unexpected dimension to the song. What I appreciated most about working with Rory was his ability to think outside the box, a quality that I believe worked seamlessly for the track.

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