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A dreamy soundscape to sink into

Amy Ellen kindly paused penning her next hit song to speak with us and share some insight into her magnificent symphony of emotion she aptly names “Falling”. Check out the backstory behind Amy’s latest hit whilst listening to her song!

The words from Amy Ellen for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

‘Falling’ is a bit different to my previous releases. Apart from it being my favourite song I’ve written, I feel it stands out amongst the other songs genre-wise. I’ve never really known how to fully pin down what my sound is when people ask me that question. For me, writing this song was a step in the direction of what I’ve always wanted my music to sound like; 90’s guitar tones and soft vocals. I’m very influenced by the underground scene; I’ve recently gotten into Whipping Boy!

The song began to take shape once I found the hook “I’m not falling in love”. Originally the second verse “I wish that I was falling in love” was the first draft of what I presumed would be the main melody of the song at the time. After I brought the song to Axel (co-writer/guitarist) ideas began to evolve and we finally had some structure. I usually write the chords and melody with my acoustic guitar and the next step is to develop the arrangement together. We are both really proud of how this track turned out.

The song is about not loving someone back, to put it bluntly.

Recorded at tsunami Studios (Dublin, Ireland) by Sean Byrne and Adam J Wilson.

Mixed by Alex Borwick & Mastered by Peter Maher.

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