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Hair Hell Raising Track and Video…

Marking the beginning of a fresh chapter for “Nerves,” born from a new guiding principle that has reshaped their musical perspective. Exploring the interplay between drums and momentum, the band stepped into uncharted waters, letting the drums take on the role of the track’s guiding riff. This intriguing shift injects a unique energy, propelling the song forward with an almost palpable sense of urgency.

“Songwriting wise these days we’ve been heavily influenced by electronic music,” the band reveals. A subtle thread of electronica weaves through their composition, perhaps not immediately apparent, but its presence lingers, subtly influencing their approach. This influence is perhaps most evident in how they’ve elevated drum beats to a central position, creating a tapestry where guitars, bass, and effects contribute in a more textural manner. It’s a dynamic shift that speaks to the band’s willingness to evolve while staying anchored in their emotional intensity.

We’ve spoken with Nerves to go behind the music in an exclusive Void interview and feature, you can check that out below!

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Takes a Second is the first song we wrote from a large batch of new material. We have been progressing in an increasingly heavy and abrasive direction for a long while now but Takes A Second was the first song we wrote under a new guiding principle of having the drums be the riff of the track and using them to push the momentum forward. Songwriting wise these days we’ve been heavily influenced by electronic music which might not be too evident at first but it’s this influence that has caused us to make our drum beats the centre of movement in a song, and have guitars, bass and effects act in a much more textural way. Our songs are always very heavy and personal to me lyrically and the music has to match that intensity. For a song like this about regret and emotional chaos within relationships, the effect of drowning in layers of droning distorted guitars gets a certain feeling across. This track and many of our other new additions to the set have incorporated heavy industrial and goth influences, as well as our usual post-rock, drone- based approach.

The video is taken from a small intimate show we played in Anseo back in March. Anseo has kind of become a base-camp for the band in many ways and our shows there are generally extremely loud, sweaty and chaotic. We wanted to test out this new material in an small cramped room with no stage, inches away from the audience. We had a queue of people up the staircase to the venue and the room was at its max capacity all night, which was incredible to see for a gig announced on pretty short notice.

Our next show in the racket space will be a similar ordeal, debuting a lot of new material in a loud cramped sweatbox with people losing themselves in it.

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