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We’ve something on our mind, it’s best we get it off our chest.

These lads see the world through those classic noisey… grainy and black and white shots you’d associate with only the most brutal and loud garage rock tracks from previous eras. They’ve got a look that’s authentic and a sound that’s addictive. Like a shot of adrenaline right into your veins. A piercing sound that will rip you to shreds and leave nothing but a Lethal Black Ooze emerging from your organs. I won’t keep you much longer … you’ve got to check these lads out for yourself! Premiering now in the Void for the very first look: “Something On Her Mind” LIVE at “Ailfionn” by a Lethal Black Ooze.

We linked in with the lads to discuss where this track has surfaced from?! You can check that out below!

During the writing of the song, drummer Iain Faulkner states:

‘Myself and Andy were rehearsing by ourselves when Jamie wasn’t available one day. I had been watching The Doors live at The Hollywood Bowl a few days previously and felt really inspired by the drumming. I had this 6/8 blues shuffle stuck in my head and just started bashing it out. Andy had just turned on his amp and started playing a rhythm over it and within a few short minutes the song had taken shape.”

While recording, lyricist and guitarist Andy McGurk recalls:

“We were in Sonic Studios in Stoneybatter for a day, we had a few takes of this under the belt already but still waiting for that moment when you know you got it. Not sure how it happened exactly, but Iain forgot to turn his snares on (the ‘tuff’ sound a snare makes). The next take we realised pretty quickly when the snare made a ‘bonk’ sound what had happened but we loved it so that was the take. Happy mistake.”

On the vocals, Andy adds:

“I always write melody first, it helps me figure out the length of sentence for each phrase. I also make a big effort not to think about it too much as I often get myself bogged down with small details and it can be paralyzing, so I tend to just go with what comes out first that works.”

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