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Forget Me Not – Daly

Emotionally Driven RnB Anthem

Dublin-based hip-hop artist Daly has released a new single “Forget Me Not” and it’s an incredible start to his new EP of the same name. The EP tells the story of a young Dublin man’s breakup and features each episode of the series in each song. “Forget Me Not” is the first episode and portrays the first goodbye during the final argument of the relationship.

The song features Daly’s distinctive vocal skills and live instrumentation, along with the compelling harmonies of singer Amy Naessans. Daly wrote the track for an RnB artist or singer-songwriter but decided to keep it for himself as the lyrics hit too close to home. The song describes the heart-wrenching decision of walking away from a relationship, with lyrics that reflect the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship.

The EP aims to create a relatable story for young men who have been in similar situations. Daly’s message is not to fall into the blame game and self-sabotage but instead, to focus on oneself and say goodbye gracefully. The message of the EP is to remember to love oneself, no matter the outcome of a relationship.

In the recording of “Forget Me Not,” Daly was joined by a team of talented musicians, including mixing engineer Adam McNamara, drummer Aaron Kelly from Tebi Rex, bassist Daragh Abdurahmam of Brcknasty, guitarists Lucas Furtado from DirtySexyMoney, pianist Lowri Davis, and vocalist Gemma Kinsella. This collaborative effort led to the creation of a dynamic and authentic sound that perfectly encapsulates the emotional depth of the song. “Forget Me Not” is a must-listen track for anyone who appreciates live instrumentation and honest storytelling in music.

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