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Free – Amy Ellen

Indie bliss

Amy’s back with her trademark blissful harmonic melodies. “Free” tells the story of being free to do and achieve whatever you set out to do. Subtly inspired by the artists recent relocation to the scenic French Alps Amy’s surroundings have certainly played a part in influencing her blissful lyricism which adds another core dimension to her work.

Alright, let’s chat about her track. Immediately with it’s first few chords strummed I was relocated too but not to France, no. I found myself in a place of pure bliss and nostalgia for an experience I’ve yet to have. “Free” seems to be one of those tracks that that has a unique direction for every listener, I can only guess this is due to the dreamy vocals and blissful melodies sprinkled throughout this track.

At just over the 3-minute mark, I’m left completely satisfied and obviously tempted for a replay or a few (which I did many times) It’s great to see a modern breakthrough musician put so much time and effort into a full three minute single release.

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