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Lampshade – Fulvetta

Fulvetta Bleed 90s Nostalgia

Remember the 90s? Says me, your typical 25 year old acclaming his 90’s heritage (born 97, let me have this okay?) Well I may not have been listening to the grunge movement in my all Irish pre-shool during nursery hours, but from my angsty teens I know a good grunge track when it comes at me. Fulvetta’s ‘Lampshade’ blends 90’s nostalgic grunge into modern dreamy ethereal soundscapes that will drown your ears in a tsunami of sound. 

Lampshade running at a satisfying 4 minutes and 20 seconds (lol), we get a sense for what this dreamy trio is all about. Heavy distortion with ghost-like vocals supported by some heavy drums and a haunting bassline throughout. Fulvetta know how to grunge and Lampshade is more than proof that this trio will be around for a while. 

A particular moment in the track that I find cool is at the 3 minute mark where we break away from the typical melody and are transported into a drowned-out ethereal soundscape with cranked reverb and drawn out vocals, the sound builds into a wall of noise slowly submerging the listener as the hair on the back of your neck raises to be abruptly woken by a static noise to end the track and return to earth. 

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