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How Bad do you need more GENMA?

These lads are not afraid of making some noise, we can tell you that for sure! “How Bad” comes at you fast and stays around for a healthy 3 minute runtime, just enough to pump some GENMA into your veins.  How Bad is a classic tune to cure that rock/alt rock craving you get! We’ve linked in with the lads to dive into the inspiration on their latest track, you can check that out below!

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How Bad explores the feelings of uncertainty and existentialism following the pandemic. For us, ‘How Bad’ is about taking control of our own destinies and not letting fear or uncertainty hold us back. We hope this song will inspire others to think of that one thing they’ve always wanted to do. The one thing that they’ve been holding themselves back from doing, and to just do it. After all, How bad could the outcome possibly be?

Rhys O’Sullivan (Frontman/Vocalist/Guitar) came to us with this idea and it just sort of instantly clicked with all of us, it was this unspoken thing that all of us resonated with and I think that this excitement to show this to the world comes across in the recording, It really turned into something special once we got into the studio, it was like magic.

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