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Submissions F.A.Q.

We don’t like leaving you in the dark. You should find the answers to the obvious questions within this F.A.Q. page. If you have any further questions that need answering, why not reach out to us over on the contact page!

Get Featured In Void

Submissions FAQ

If we haven’t included a question you need answered, you can reach us by email. You can find this information on our contact page.
Contact Us

What must I do to be featured?

View the submission guide for your requested void category and follow the stages of the submission. You can also use the accompanying forms on each submission to easily submit your interview and media assets.

When does my feature go live?

Upon the completion of your feature, your submission is automatically added to our calendar.  There is not a definitive timeframe in which your feature will be published. If this is an urgent matter, please reach out to us.

Who decides if my feature is approved or denied?

We generally approve all submissions at Void. However if for any reason a submission has been denied, you will be made aware of it immediately with a guideline on what you need to do for it to be approved upon resubmission.

Why should I try to get featured?

It’s up to you. We can’t force you to publish any of your creativity with us, however, going back to our core values of encouraging an alternative and inspiring creativity. We’d love for your creativity to be apart of the void and inspire thousands of our daily website visitors and perhaps even our magazine readers.

Can we collaborate on social media?

Yes! We encourage social media collaboration. Upon the completion of your feature’s publication, we will share it over social media and collaborate on the eventual post. For this to happen, you must accept the collaboration and follow our Instagram page.