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Get What You Got by Midnight Wayne

Psychedelic Vibe Visionary 

Wayne is back, and of course at a time that is waaay past your bedtime. This vibe visionary with his latest track “Get What You Got” is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your ear drums (and mine).

At a cool 4 minutes and 14 seconds this track leaves at the ready to hit the rewind button. I must mention that beast of a bass throughout this track and it’s infectious lines through the chorus rebounding back into the verses and bridge. Wayne’s vocals are once again a standout quality of this summery sensation with his unique delivery and oddly pitched Jagger-esque squeaks, Midnight Wayne brings a new feeling of vibe to vocals.

The psychedelic qualities are resonating throughout this track, I can only picture having this track on full blast on a hazy summer day by a lakeside. With elements of bongos, congas and synths you get a true flavour for what Wayne’s all about. Tracks that slap.

“Lyrically the song was written about the breakup of my old band and how I felt I was becoming someone I wasn’t, not to lose myself and never give up on what I love, its a positive affirmation to myself”.

Goosebump Metre
Get What You Got by Midnight Wayne

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