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In Conversation With Semilore Olusa

April 19, 2024
With this driving force behind him, Semi embarked on a musical journey that led him to form Cable Boy, a band fueled by a shared…

The Origins of Aslan

April 2, 2024
Like many great bands, it all started in school. Frontman Christy Dignam and lead guitarist Joe Jewell both met in Patrician College in Finglas. At…

Writing, acting and creating: A sit down with Siofra O’Meara

March 17, 2024
I ideally want to go into a cave or secluded island to write - I think most writers want that though. I can do it…

In Conversation With Chris McMullan

March 11, 2024
Christopher Mc Mullan is a sculptor originally hailing from Texas currently based in Dublin. Working out of his new studio space in Abbey Studios. Christopher…

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