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Harry – Daire Heffernan

Our go-to emotional dream pop ballad.

“Harry” by Daire Heffernan is an astonishingly beautiful dream pop ballad that captures the feeling of new love perfectly. From the first gentle rattle of a tambourine being joined by a few chords, you’re transported into a dreamy world where everything feels light and airy. The soft, melodic vocals and lush instrumentation create a warm, inviting atmosphere that is impossible not to get swept up in.

The lyrics of “Harry” are simple yet deeply emotional, perfectly capturing the joy and excitement of falling in love with someone new. Daire Heffernan’s voice is the perfect vessel for these lyrics, conveying a sense of vulnerability and sincerity that is both heart-warming and captivating. The song’s instrumentation is equally impressive, with its delicate rhythm guitar and harmonic lead lines, dreamy synths, bouncing bass, and subtle percussion creating a sonic landscape that perfectly complements the lyrics and vocals, and we love that simple vocal melody. Been stuck in our heads all day!

Overall, “Harry” is a superb dream pop gem that showcases Daire Heffernan’s talent as a songwriter, musician and vocalist. The song is a testament to the power of new love and the magic that can happen when two people connect on a deep, emotional level. If you’re a fan of dream pop or just love good music, “Harry” is definitely worth a listen.

To celebrate the release of the single, Heffernan has announced a gig Upstairs in Whelans on Friday, April 21st. ‘Harry’ was produced by Spies’ Hugh O’Dwyer and recorded in Sun Studios, Temple Bar. It was mastered by Ivan Jackman (Gilla Band, Black Midi) at Hellfire Studios.

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Harry – Daire Heffernan / Void Reviewed

Yank your heart strings! 

Harry – Daire Heffernen has those deeply emotional lyrics, delicate guitar, dreamy synths, and subtle percussion and bass combo that create a warm, inviting atmosphere. The artists vocals are vulnerable and sincere, conveying the joy and excitement of new love. This is a track that will be played and played for years to come. 

Keep up to date with Daire here: Instagram

Review written by Robert Byrne @robvoidrob

Original Images Captured by Eva Carolan @daydreamsbyeva

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