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Hxney’s got the recipe for a sweet tune!

Singer and songwriter Hxney has been refining her vocal talents in the realms of Pop and RnB since the age of 16. Hailing from the quaint town of Drogheda in County Louth, her earliest musical recollections involve watching Destiny’s Child music videos and immersing herself in the sounds of artists like Amerie, B2K, and Christina Aguilera. Hxney found her true calling while lending her voice to her local church choir, and from that moment on, she has been sharing her musical gifts with various groups, wholeheartedly dedicating herself to a career in music.

Since then, Hxney has continued to evolve as an artist, and her latest release, ‘Sweet Spot,’ is a testament to her growth and creativity. This track pays homage to the iconic style of Destiny’s Child while infusing it with Hxney’s own unique flavor. ‘Sweet Spot’ is a classic pop gem that showcases her distinctive musical recipe, blending elements of her early inspirations with her personal touch, making it a must-listen for fans of both nostalgia and fresh sounds alike.

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The creative process for this song has been one of my best experiences with songwriting and even with recording in the studio when I was doing the finishing touches on the harmonies. In the writing session, I got to sit down with Solow the Astronaut who I wrote the song with and we spoke for two hours prior about where my head was at and I came already with the title sweet spot because I thought it was a cute song title, we just need a meaningful song to match and then ideas started to come together nicely on our iPhone notes, short after that, the melodies started to form and it was seamless and exciting.

I then proceeded with recording the majority of the song myself at home. I wanted to take my time to work on the vocal arrangements and then I got in the studio with Benza for the music production and engineering while Lilo Blues helped with instrumentation on the Bass and the final vocal arrangements towards the end of the song and Adam Cooke refined the guitars on the track. This is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever done and It meant so much to have such a team help bring the song to the best place it could be.

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