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Setting course for an Idle Discourse

Emerging onto the music scene in 2021, Idle Discourse stands as a formidable and genre-defying 5-piece ensemble, challenging the conventions of contemporary music. This dynamic group combines their heavy-hitting sound with a genre-hopping approach that pushes the boundaries of musical norms. Comprising six talented musicians, Idle Discourse draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences spanning multiple genres, resulting in a rich and eclectic sound characterized by pop choruses, rap verses, and captivating melodies.

What sets Idle Discourse apart is their unwavering embrace of their accent and Irish roots, crafting a sound that is both refreshingly innovative and authentically Irish. Picture The Dubliners and Slipknot converging at a drum ‘n’ bass rave, and you’ll begin to grasp the unique sonic landscape that Idle Discourse invites listeners to explore. In this exclusive interview, delve into the musical journey of Idle Discourse as they share insights into their creative process, influences, and the distinctive blend of sounds that define their identity.

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In the inception of Rotten Egg I was actually trying to write an ‘ignorant’ party tune. This is the first single from our second project, Volume Two and the project as a whole is quite deep and heartfelt. I wanted one brainless party track that would make people jump so I set out to create just that. As the writing progressed, however, I started to think about the reasons for and the consequences of partying all the time when we’re young. It was an escape for many of us from a world that many of us didn’t feel we fit in to.

As I kept writing the idea of a “Rotten Egg” came from teenagers that I grew up with who were all but dismissed by teachers, parents even Gardai in the town I grew up in, more than a few of whom found out later in life that they had undiagnosed mental health issues, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder or perhaps simply unresolved trauma. The song then, for me, became a battlecry for those people who feel they went without help and lived in confusion and disorder until later in life, when they could identify their behaviours and when this could all make sense to them.

As somebody who suffered from mental health and issues such as anxiety disorder, self harm and found scrutiny from positions of authority when I fell victim to basking in revelry to escape it all, I wanted to create something that people could dance to and enjoy but could also identify with and in the process, as writers often do, I found that it helped me to understand my own past. I hope that it might do the same for others and that it might implore us to think more carefully about who we dismiss in society or who we simply label as a Rotten Egg.

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