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In Conversation With Alex Tierney written by Sarah CK All Rights Reserved © Void Magazine Sarah CK

Alex Tierney is a singer-songwriter from Dublin whose talent has led him to support artists such as Lewis Capaldi and Nel Mescal. Alex’s music career began to pivot during lockdown while the rest of us were busy trying out all the fine wine the local had to offer. Alex and his brother began building their home studio, creating and contributing to the Irish creative scene. I meet with Alex (a strictly cocktail man) on a Sunday afternoon sitting at a busy terrace bar we reflected on lockdown, inspiration, and what’s coming next.

The uncertainty of when covid would end pushed Alex to release his first single, ‘Over The Maybes.’ Alex explains there’s two roads you can go down when it comes to getting yourself out there as an artist. One where you focus on performing and another where you focus on releasing. Covid inevitably made releasing a slightly easier path to follow. Lockdown meant not only was there no gigs but no more opportunity to continue fine-tuning. The push Alex needed to release his first single, made and produced by himself and his brother in their home studio.

Ever since the first single came out, there has been a steady flow of releases popping up on Alex’s Spotify. Alex tells me his inspiration for creating goes way back to childhood; growing up in a family of musicians and wanting to follow in the footsteps of his Dad, he picked up his first guitar at age seven; by age ten, he had moved onto the piano, and by fourteen, he had begun with nerves of course to write his own lyrics.

I asked Alex what his process was like, and how does he get from pen and paper into our playlists? He tells me he is constantly creating with his notes app full of lyrics fighting for storage space. Experimenting is important when it comes to creating, and according to Alex, that means respecting when you’re not in that “writing zone” Sometimes songs begin by exploring sounds rather than words.

Drawing inspiration from R&B and Hip pop, Alex describes his own sound as “a mixed bag,” explaining how a lot of genres bleed into one another. However, when something needs to be said, it will be. Alex explains most songs are a product of whatever it is that’s “occupying too much space”

So with all that said, what’s happening next for Alex? Alex has just announced he will be supporting the band ‘Toucan’ at their Limerick and Galways gigs in May. In between all the gigging and touring, an E.P. is also on its way. But don’t worry If you can’t wait until then, you can find Alex’s music on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as clips and more information on upcoming gigs on Instagram @Alextierneymusic

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