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In Conversation With Dean Byrne

In Conversation With Dean Byrne written by Sarah CK All Rights Reserved © Void Magazine Sarah CK

Dean Byrne, hailing from Dublin, emerged as a musician; who has now turned his attention towards filmmaking. His journey began with a youthful fascination, ignited at thirteen by the worn grooves of his brother’s copy of Thin Lizzy’s “Live and Dangerous’’. Recently, he took the step of establishing his production company, YDB Films, marking a significant milestone in his move between music and film. We chatted about how Dean made that leap, a journey that intertwined his love for sound and visual storytelling.

Dean began as most young musicians do, hopping from band to band until he found the right band which would come to be ‘Leaders of Men’. Dean was not only a founding member but also the band’s drummer and lead songwriter. The band’s non-commercial approach to lyrical writing led them to success. Soon enough they were signed to Universal Music UK. Supporting acts such as the Stereophonics and Paolo Nutuni. Yet as the bands career peaked professionally they each ran out of steam, exhausted they parted ways.

However, Dean tells me this break is where he made the realisation that as he wrote the songs for Leaders of Men, he was seeing them with each their own plotlines and mentally spaced out scenes. The transition into filmmaking was barely a transition at all. Dean immersed himself into the film world moving from Ireland to L.A to work with a small production company, where he developed his writing skills into production.

With the impending release of his latest endeavour, the short film fusion of horror and western aesthetics titled ‘The House That Was Not,’ written and directed by Dean. Dean tells me with confidence this is his proudest project to date, a testament to his relationship between film and music.

As he eagerly anticipates the European premiere of his film, Dean shows no signs of slowing down. His passion for music staying put with upcoming performances booked in for Electric Picnic and international stages in Denmark and Germany later this year. For the latest updates on Dean’s ventures, you can keep up with him on Instagram at @deano.byrne

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