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In Conversation With Hot Girl written by Sarah CK All Rights Reserved © Void Magazine Sarah CK

‘Hot Girl’ is an eclectic post-punk band drawing inspiration from both Bikini Kill and Juliana Hatfield, using their music as an ode to teenage nostalgia. I met with lead singer and songwriter Ashley Abbedeen and Jake Hurley, also known as ‘Local Boy’ the band’s bassist. We met in the week between the release of their first single, ‘Jam,’ and the band’s first-ever release party. They seemed to be stuck in those days between Christmas and New Year.

Relaxed and in motion, sat pedaling between celebrations. We spoke about group dynamics, the creation of their first single and up and coming gigs.

Before there was ‘Hot Girl,’ there was Ashley. Ashley, alone and performing for the first time. Ashley, who, when performing for the first time, suddenly felt at home and, with that, decided to find a family to fill that house. Auditions ran for months without success before she finally came across the right people. The band is now fully formed and kicking, consisting of Ashley Abedeen, Jake Hurley, Sophie Boxwell, and Nick Stanley. But the journey wasn’t a traditional one; in fact, Jake and Nick were found by co-incidence and were only meant to be a temporary stand-in duo however, when the right puzzle piece fits, it can create a beautiful post-punk picture.

‘Hot Girls’ songs tend to cover a journey, with Ashley being the main lyrical contributor. ‘Jam’, their newly released single, follows Ashley through a house party going between each room; she ends her journey through the house with a musical crash.The song began as a single released by Ashley from her bedroom; since then, it has been re-recorded and, edited, produced by Jake. He tells me it’s still taking up most of his phone and mental storage.

If you’d like to take a trip through a House Party dripping in dream pop and grunge with ‘Hot Girl’ you can find them on Spotify and news about upcoming gigs on their Instagram at @H0tGrrrl

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