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In Conversation With Dean Byrne

February 23, 2024
Dean Bryne, hailing from Dublin, emerged as a musician; who has now turned his attention towards filmmaking. His journey began with a youthful fascination, ignited…

God Awful Love: Exploring Sarah Creighton-Keogh and Rachel Kenny’s Artistic x Poetry Connection

February 14, 2024
There's a stirring new project on the horizon that's set to take you on a journey through the highs, lows, and everything in between of…

In Conversation With Rachel Kenny

January 31, 2024
Rachel Kenny is Cork-born Dublin-based Multidisciplinary artist with an eclectic history having previously studied Philosophy, Sociology and Drama before going on to a degree of…

In Conversation With Kate Brosnan

January 27, 2024
Kate Brosnan began her passion for stage at the lowest point a girl in primary school could imagine, being cast as Spiderman in her 5th…

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