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And we were beyond blown away!

A sold-out show of sublime sound blasted through live amplifiers turned up to eleven is one sure feel-good way to spend your Friday night. Upstairs at Whelans is a beloved venue for artists and audiences, a truly intimate and almost claustrophobic stage and zone that has seen many up-and-coming, and established artists and creatives perform upon it throughout its time. 

Cruel Sister performed to a sold-out show at her first headline gig since her time at Electric Picnic and from what we saw in Whelans, we are certain it won’t be long until this mean sibling gets a crowd of thousands in front of her and her band… Speaking of the band, we were extremely pleased with the show they put on. These guys were loud and shared the space as if they owned it. Accompanying Faith on vocals were Nessa and Becca, pumping the heart of the band was Rhys on drums, keeping the groove throughout the show was Ian on bass and finally, the man behind the tasty riffs was Callum. Overall these 6 musicians lifted the roof off of Whelans as the venue is so used to it, it’s nice to see a new breakthrough artist such as Cruel Sister join that list. 

Our concluding thoughts on the show remain that we thoroughly enjoyed and were truly surprised at the top quality of the music. The night was a gig to remember which is why we skipped out on that last pint. We encourage you to catch the next one!

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So yeah, 95% for an unreal time at Whelans suits us! Let us know what you think? You should definitely catch Cruel Sister’s next one! 

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