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Behold before your eyes “Wifeswap” a band combined with the talents of Joe Brody, Gerald Higgins, Cian Bates and Lorcan Connolly. This melting pot of personality and styles originates from the backrooms of Joe Brody’s mind and captures the screams and intolerance of our anarchy within. With their latest hit “Intertia”, Wifeswap aim for the absurd and they’ve hit the bullseye. We’ve linked in with Joe Brody to hear about the background behind this track and you can check that out below! 

The words from Joe Brody of Wifeswap for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

“Inertia is me, Waiting for Godot, just feeling the paralysis of hopes and expectations. Simultaneously being excited by opportunities but crushed by the inertia that being overwhelmed by choices can lead to. It was the first song I wrote when I came to Dublin, so all of those emotions were running pretty high” – Joe Brody

Inertia came together very quickly, with lyrics and music falling together almost simultaneously as I was sitting alone in my new room in Dublin, and was the first song we began rehearsing when the band first came together and we found that it always got a good reception when we were playing live. Rehearsal after rehearsal we were constantly trying to find new ways to drive it on, make it noisier, make it that bit more chaotic.

So when we were contacted by Ann Marie Shields and asked if we wanted to record it, it was the easiest decision of my life, and to hear it from someone I really admired made it that bit more special.

While recording across two days with Stephen O’Brien, We spent hours just layering guitars and laughing and joking around with Stephen and amongst ourselves. I think that took the daunting experience of going into the studio for the first time and made it a great memory for all of us, and in turn bred an end product that we could be proud of.

“I didn’t want it to sound convoluted, everything that’s on the recording needs to be there. The recording captures the feel of our live sound. I wanted it to have a certain hellish quality… I get these terrible nightmares all the time and it’s been bleeding into the sound of the band, that and my undying love for The Velvet Underground. “

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