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What we've had to say about "I've Got Love!"

Natalie Moran’s “I’ve Got Love” is a soulful pop track that showcases the artist’s vocal range and emotive delivery. Combining elements of soul, R&B, and pop, the track features extravagant melisma, church-rooted organ, call-and-response, and powerful guitar riffs, which all contribute to the soulful sound of the song. The lyrics focus on the passion and willpower needed to experience purposeful love, and the message is conveyed through Moran’s candid and free-spoken tone. The track’s story is relatable, and Moran’s emotive delivery adds to the emotional impact of the song.

The addition of electric guitar and expressive vocals helped to transform the track into a powerful love song that is both emotive and soulful. Keyboardist Guilherme Rivera and guitarist Nicola Lunghi’s contributions add depth to the sound, making it a cohesive and well-rounded track. Moran’s enthusiasm and passion for the song are evident in the finished product, and her emotive delivery and range are sure to resonate with fans of soul, R&B, and pop music alike. Overall, “I’ve Got Love” is a powerful love song that showcases Moran’s vocal abilities and her ability to combine different genres to create a unique sound.

Natalie Moran on "I've Got Love"

‘I’ve Got Love’ is where today’s pop meets the fire of soul. The song hosts extravagant melisma and vocal intensity, church-rooted organ, call-and-response and clear resonating powerful guitar to ensure this song brings soul back in a new pop way to a fruitful and powerful love song.

I had a very clear vision of the sound I wanted to achieve. For this I used inspirations from many different genres. The sound created, is in a way, a strain of soul, R&B, pop, rhythm and blues. This created a song style with a rhythmic pulse drum pattern, deep bass, church organ with elements of groove and power guitar. Vocally, it is done with intensity and a candid free-spoken expression and tone.

The tracks story focuses on the passion of having a purposeful love in your life that takes over you and a willpower in your gut to keep and experience every bit of that love, so it was important to have that message transpire through the song’s ambience.

‘I’ve Got Love’ first came into concept in 2019. Its original concept was different as a song for feeling safe with good people like platonic friends or someone helping you through a tough time. This inspired the songs first lyrics to come to mind, that being ‘I’m safe with you by my side, it’s a feeling I can’t deny with you it just feels right’.

Over time the passion I felt for the song turned into more of a love theme and the rest of the lyrics just flowed from there. This also altered the vocal style and instruments I wanted in the song. Originally, I wrote the first version of this song with my ukulele and acoustic guitar but as it grew into a soulful love song, I knew I wanted to conceptualize a version that would have church organ, electric guitar and expressive vocal.

Having had a very clear vision in mind and a demo complete, the song was ready to be taken to the next level. I had two talented musicians in mind who I knew would be the right fit to be the instrumentalists for this track, Guilherme Rivera, Keyboardist and Nicola Lunghi, Guitarist. We recorded our first ever take together on a mobile phone and it just perfectly came together without a hitch with everyone getting the vision of the song. ‘I’ve Got Love’ came to its completed recorded version in early 2023. There is also a retro inspired music video to accompany the song.

The song was performed live a couple of times to crowds before getting its recorded version. ‘I’ve Got Love’ received many requests to get released so I was very enthusiastic throughout the project and felt it easy to put passion into the song and thoroughly enjoyed bringing it to completion

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I've Got Love

Natalie Moran

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