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Crafting Sonic Landscapes and Unveiling Modern Narratives

Welcome back to the vibrant world of James Shannon, the versatile artist and producer hailing from Dublin, whose musical odyssey spans the genres of Alternative Hip-hop to Indie soul. Building on his earlier exploration in the Void with the track “Know Me,” a collaboration featuring Noremac, James continues to captivate listeners with his unique soundscapes and poignant storytelling. In this exclusive Void Magazine interview, we reacquaint ourselves with James as he delves into the roots of his creative process, sharing the evolution of his music from the inception of a riff that lingered in his mind to the intricate arrangements that have become his signature.

You can hear directly from the artist below

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When I was about 20 I received my first proper amp and began playing a lot more guitar. I came up with the main riff for the song and thought nothing much of it for a long time. However I kept playing it over and over in my head and started to think about the arrangement I could do with it, which can be heard on the final version of the track.

It was my first time attempting to produce a song this way and it has really set the template for how I make most of my music nowadays. Lyrically, I wanted to summarize the general feeling of feeling lost as a young person in the modern world. I feel like when Conor came on board with the chorus he really tied it up.

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