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Enter the intricate world of Jani, where music becomes a profound expression of introspection and empathy. It all began with a desire to explore an unconventional time signature, leading Jani to craft a haunting 5/8 chord progression. Recording snippets of evolving melodies on a trusty phone memo app became the initial canvas for this musical journey. As the structure took shape, the chords resonated deeply, evoking an unexplained mental turmoil that steered the song’s emotional direction.

We spoke with the artist to unveil the origins of their latest track.

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I remember it starting when I wanted to write a song in a strange time signature. After playing around with a few things I ended up on a 5/8 chord progression. The next step in my songwriting is always the same, recording ideas into my trusty phone memos while improving melody ideas. Then once I had the basic structure down I moved onto the lyrics and meaning of the song.

Immediately the chords and overall feel strongly pushed me to mental turmoil, even though I couldn’t pinpoint the exact feelings. I kept singing the chorus melody over and over and over, eventually the words felt like they were writing their own song.

The rest of the song just started to flow out really. All the themes of mental illness and losing yourself. Only really afterwards did I realise that it was beyond just words that worked well together and instead it was reflecting on some very personal experiences with people close to me going through and being diagnosed with mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar. That intimate experience with people you love, then them changing and not knowing who they are or what they are doing. It shakes you, you feel you’ve lost someone when they are right next to you. I wrote this song for those struggling with mental illness and those near and dear to them.

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