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Today,  KhakiKid, a Dublin-based rapper, has released his latest track titled “Switching Tongues” in collaboration with Carsten2x. This new release follows his previous single “Underbite” and accompanies the exciting announcement of his upcoming EP, “Sand Bebé,” scheduled to be released on August 4th. KhakiKid’s prominence in the music industry has been steadily increasing since his debut EP, “Elevator Music,” which featured popular tracks like “Baby Brown,” “Cozy,” and “Shlumped Up.” With over 10 million streams to date, KhakiKid has become a fresh and undeniable presence in the burgeoning Irish rap scene.

The track released today, “Switching Tongues,” showcases KhakiKid’s signature mellow hip hop style, reminiscent of his debut EP, which has played a significant role in expanding his rapidly growing fanbase. Throughout this year, KhakiKid has captivated audiences with his electrifying performances at prominent events like The Great Escape, Sea Sessions, and a sold-out show at Whelan’s in Dublin. Furthermore, he has secured a spot in Pitchfork Festival’s European dates, including Paris and London, in November—a testament to his remarkable ascent in the music industry.

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Speaking on today’s track, Khakikid states that “‘Switching Tongues’ is about being in a volatile relationship. Being with someone you know is gonna cause problems and things are not going to be easy but you always seem to fall back in with them.

“My favourite part of the song is the voice message I was sent by American country music legend Jake Owen. I’d been listening to him for years and one day I saw he followed me. I couldn’t believe it and I straight up asked him why he followed me and he left the voice message that’s now in the song. It’s kind of mad how far music can travel and the fact that my music has reached someone at his heights doesn’t seem real to me.”

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