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An Angsty Anthem!

Kill ‘Em Charlie, an indie rock group hailing from Tipperary, has released their second EP titled “No Ties To The Morning.” This collection of five tracks showcases the band’s evolving sound and heightened creative aspirations. Thematically, the songs follow the ebbs and flows of a night out, from its lively and anarchic energy to the inevitable reflective comedown. The band expands upon the bright indie alternative rock sound established on their debut release, while also delving into less familiar territory, incorporating heavier and more punishing riffs in some tracks, and melancholic melodies in others.

“We found the chunky chords, moody lyrics and main riff fit really well into the song selection we had already for ‘No Ties To The Morning’. Like most good things, it came together surprisingly quickly and it instantly became one of our favourites to play. It was finished and recorded within two weeks which shows how confident we are in the song itself. The song was layered up to support that main chord structure and riff with some cutting lead licks to make a hard hitting instrumental that seamlessly carries the sullen, almost despairing lyrics. We’re really proud of this track and hope it shows a maturity in our songwriting that we feel is becoming more and more apparent as we progress as a band.”

“Sunday’s Unwell” is featured as the fourth track on Kill ‘Em Charlie’s most recent EP, “No Ties To The Morning.” The song’s foundation has been lingering in the frontman Eoghan’s mind for quite some time, with the main riff and hook discovered among his iPhone notes dating back to four years ago as he was gearing up to record this EP.

Keep up to date with what the lads are doing over on their Social Media!: Kill’Em Charlie

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