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I designed an online anonymous survey where I asked some questions about victim blaming and if people have had some experience with it and wanted to share with me, many people shared their stories and past trauma with me as I left an area at the end of the survey for people to let go of anything they were holding onto! I had disclosed that I was going to use some of the answers for inspiration for a painting and this is what lead to ‘Our Frustration’.

As I painted the phrases, comments and judgements I asked some friends would they like to join and write down anything they’ve been subjected to! So in the end this painting was a huge collaboration with many women who answered my survey and joined me in studio! It was really amazing to have been trusted with all these stories, of course it’s hard to read sometimes but knowing I helped raise a voice makes me feel very honoured!

Kira Sheehan | Artist | Dublin, Ireland

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